Chien Maltais, by Giovita Lombardi, Italian (1837-1876)

Chien Maltais, by Giovita Lombardi, Italian (1837-1876)


5154 A large exhibition quality bronze Maltese dog, by Giovita Lombardi, born Rezzato, Italy 1837. 


Represented in a playful and dynamic pose, the front half of his body dropped to the ground ready to pounce, his back legs full of spring and his tail violently wagging. Modelled with a long, wavy irregular coat full of movement and spunk, finished in a rich rose-gold-like patina. Complete with its original velvet covered exhibition labelled base, showing that it was included in the Vienna Exposition des Beaux Arts. Lombardi exhibited at numerous major international exhibitions including the 1867 Paris Exposition Universelle where was awarded the Grand Prix d'Honneur.

width 48cm

depth 22.5cm

height 31cm

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