Our Services



We search Australia and the world to purchase furniture and works of art for our own inventory, but we also offer direct purchasing services for clients.

With a lifelong experience in the industry and a superb network of contacts around the world, we are able to provide expert opinion on any pieces you are considering purchasing, or source particular pieces to you requirements. Whether a single piece that you would like viewed in an auction or a whole collection that you need advice on, we can travel to all corners of the globe to assess, research and purchase pieces on your behalf. Contact John for more information. john@bransantiques.com



Collection advice

You may be just starting out, you may have been collecting for years, you may have never even thought of collecting. We can assist you in many ways to grow a more interesting collection with curatorial, presentation, dispersal or acquisition advice. With extensive experience across very wide periods and disciplines of the fine and decorative arts and a discerning eye, we can recommend what should go, what should stay and what to seek. We love collections that are personal and directed by their owners, but we also love to see clients acquiring the best pieces they can and getting good value for money by taking expert advice and guidance. In the digital age we all have access to more collecting possibilities than ever before; all the more reason to rely on the experience, knowledge and eye of a professional to assist you in making good collecting decisions.



We offer a full range of restoration services both on site and outsourced to a select group of highly experienced restorers. We can advise and manage the restoration of all types of antique furniture, objects and works of art. Please email us photographs of the work required or call us to discuss your restoration needs. Where we are not able to provide the service ourselves we may be able to recommend a specialist locally. We also provide wax polishing of your furniture and works of art in your own home or other property. Please contact us regarding your restoration needs. mail@bransantiques.com 



Consignment Sales

When you have a piece or an entire collection to disperse, we are always interested in selling high quality works of art, furniture and decorative arts on consignment through our gallery in Mosman Park or online. Please email us photographs for an appraisal of items you are considering selling. We may be interested in buying them directly or selling them on your behalf. If they are not pieces suitable for us to handle ourselves, we can advise where they should be sent to help you achieve the best possible outcome. mail@bransantiques.com



In addition to our own events, exhibition openings and the like, we will from time to time offer our space to other organisations to host events. This is usually reserved for fundraising for not for profit organisations we have chosen to support. However, if you are looking for a unique venue to entertain your clients with a private and exclusive function, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will consider your request. With an ever changing interior decorated with beautiful and interesting furniture and works of art from Antiquity to the present day and a highly atmospheric building, our gallery provides a wonderful place to entertain your guests.