A bronze Medici Lion, circa 1820.

A bronze Medici Lion, circa 1820.


An early 19th century Italian bronze depiction of the Medici lion, after the marble model by Flaminio Vacca carved in 1594, itself a copy of the ancient Roman Lion acquired by Grand Duke Ferdinando for the Villa Medici, Rome. Pacing slowly forward, its left leg raised and placed on top of a mound of earth on the naturalistically modelled base, rather than on to a ball as in the ancient version. This is a fine example of the Medici lion, very well modelled, cast and finished. The base is most unusual for this model and presents the possibility that it is an earlier lion re-mounted on to a different base in the 19th century. Circa 1820

WIDTH 45.5cm 

DEPTH 16cm

HEIGHT 29.5cm 



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