15th century Florentine Madonna & Child

15th century Florentine Madonna & Child


5167 A late 15th century painting of the Madonna and Child, tempera on panel, Firenze circa 1475-80.

A late 15th century Tuscan painting in tempera on wood panel depicting the Madonna and infant Christ with St John the Baptist as a child, in the manner of Cosimo Rosselli (Italian, Florence 1440–1507 Florence). The three figures set within a valley landscape with a wooded area and lake behind them, a city and mountains further into the distance. The Madonna sitting upright on a rock with her legs extended before her, barefoot but beautifully dressed in a crimson top and blue skirt each with gilded embroidered details. Supporting the baby Jesus with her right hand, gathering her lightweight scarf in her lap with her left. Her hair parted centrally to reveal a strong and tender face with a serene but pensive gaze. The haloed Christ child seated in a similarly upright position to his mother, on her lap and supported by his swaddling, also with his legs extended out in front of him and also holding his mother’s scarf in his left hand. His right hand held up as if to bless his cousin. The young John the Baptist standing to the left of the seated Christ and Mary, wearing his camel hair undergarment under a regal gathered cloak, his hands held together in reverence to the Christ and a bamboo cross resting on his shoulder. 

The near foreground painted in fine detail with rocks, moss and small plants with the background fading away past lake, woods and rocky outcrops giving way to a hazy mountainous skyline and creating a wonderful sense of depth to the picture. 

To find a work of art from this period in such a wonderfully untouched and raw state; unrestored, original, not even cleaned, is a true joy and privilege.

Monogram and wax seals to the reverse of the panel.

width 66cm
height 67.5cm

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